Author Guideliness

A.General Requirements  (Bahasa Indonesia)

  1. Manuscripts submitted to TOFEDU Journal must be research-based papers or conceptual works that have not been published or are being considered elsewhere.
  2. Manuscripts can be in English and Indonesian. It must be typed in MS Word doc. format; use the 12-pt Times New Roman font; the left, right, top and bottom margins are 3 cm; single spaced on A4 size paper.
  3. Manuscripts sent back to the author for revision must be returned to the editor without delay. Revised manuscripts can be sent to the editor through the Online Submission Interface ( Revised manuscripts returned more than three months will be considered as new submissions.
  4. Abstract in English and Indonesian consists of 150 – 250 words
  5. English and Indonesian keywords consist of 3-5 words.
  6. Manuscripts between 3,000 – 6,000 words, excluding abstracts and references
  7. All references listed in the manuscript are referenced in the text and follow APA style citations (as guided by the Microsoft Word computer program) and installed using the Mendeley system.
  8. The oldest reference used in the manuscript is 10 years old
  9. Manuscripts must be submitted via the TOFEDU (OJS) website.
  10. Use the Online Shipping Guidelines for online submissions.
  11. Ensure that the manuscript is prepared using the TOFEDU Article Template.
  12. Manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two peer-reviewers, while editors reserve the right to edit manuscripts for format consistency without changing substance.

B.Structure of Manuscript


Abstract consists of a brief description of the issues and research objectives, research methods and research results. Abstract must be written in one paragraph in English with a maximum of 250 words. Keywords should be included to describe the problem domain, and the terms underlying the conduct of the research. Keywords can be single words or combinations of words. Number of keywords 3-5 words/group of words. Research and search for abstract titles is made easy with these keywords.


The author is asked to write the background of his research in four (4) parts. First, state the empirical or theoretical problem on which the research is based. This can be written in a paragraph or two. Next, provide a recent study in the problem area of ​​your focus. These studies are necessary to establish a current statement of your field of study and to identify the limitations of recent studies. This can be written in two or three paragraphs. Then, identify gaps between recent studies and current empirical and theoretical aspects of your focused study. This can be written in a paragraph or two. Finally, state your research question and research objectives based on the gap analysis presented in the previous paragraph. Mention the novelty of your research. This can be written in one paragraph

Research Method

In general, this section consists of: (1) research design; (2) population, sample or research subject; (3) data collection techniques and instrument development; (4) and data analysis techniques. Please use descriptive paragraphs.

It's important to note that you don't need to use too many formulas or tables unless it's absolutely essential to display.

Research’s results and Discussion

This section is the main part of the article and is usually the longest section of an article. The research results presented in this section are the result of a clear data analysis process such as statistical calculations and testing processes or other processes for research achievements. Briefly state the results of the study. If the research results are presented in the form of tables or figures, please make them clear. The research discussion presented in this section is the result. The process of data analysis such as statistical calculations or other processes for the achievement of research. Please present the discussion in a narrative way.


This section consists of 2 (two) sub-sections, namely conclusions from articles and suggestions or recommendations from research. Conclude your article critically and logically based on the research findings. Please be careful in generalizing the findings. You should also state the limitations of your research in this section. As a suggestion, please explain your recommendations for further research regarding the implications of your research.

Acknowledgement (If Any)

Name a contributing party or institution that helped with your research. It is important to thank those who helped you with funding, research facilities, or meaningful advice in improving your articles. If your article has been presented at a seminar or conference, you can also mention the forum in this section.


References must be written with reference to the APA 7th format. The sources cited are at least 80% from those published in the last 10 years. And it is recommended to use the Mendeley application